Monday, May 6, 2013

Get This to Me [Please]


Please transfer to me
via external drive-flash
or email two things-


ME THE blender project

(That is, if you desire to have
your project 6 work in our
virtual final meeting. Which
I would highly encourage.)


Final Meeting Protocol

(I had physical pass-outs of this,
but our printer ran out of toner.)

S E C O N D   L I F E
F i n a l  M e e t i n g  P r o t o c o l  D i g i t a l   M e d i a  I

OFFICIAL FINAL TIME : 10:15 AM -12:15 PM  .  MONDAY MAY 13. 10:15 AM.

By 10:15 AM . (Or extremely close) We shall meet in the sandbox that we've seen my avatar in. Most notably, during the workshop in class at the Dynamic Media Lab. I'll send invites. If your avatar is already there from earlier teleport, kudos! No need to go further. Just log in.

After the final physical class meeting, I will be volunteering to teleport those who are not already there to the location. Mostly, Fri and Sun (1-4) during final workshop times, I will be teleporting. I cannot send a teleport request to those offline. So be online if you wish to preemptively be there!

And by the way, since it is a final in the digital world, you may access from anywhere. Though do ensure your machine is up to speed. It will not be wise to miss the final meeting due to lack of planning on your part. Note our lab itself may be 'crowded'. Four main rules-

1. Keep the text based chat civil during conversation! Speak as you would in class.
2. The class is together in a location, please do not wander off.
3. Be with the final meeting until it is called off officially. Failure to remain in the final meeting for the duration (which should be no further than 40-45 minutes) is going to irk real life discrepancy from me. Not just avatar.
4. The sky is the limit. Your research and adventure into accessorizing your avatar will come into direct play in the meeting! Express yourself! Or rather, express the "person" who is not yourself.

MEETING OBJECTIVE  (after all 19 of us assemble in the coffee shop and area) :

Together, we will use basic white prims (boxes) or more to assemble a pop-up art gallery on the spot! I will hopefully have all of your .dae files to "install" Project 6s in the virtual world so we may all see. Think like we were installing these in the Sheppard gallery. How do they look?

Once the show is up and running to our liking, we'll just have a walk and chat
through our virtual space. We will further critique of project 6 "in the round"
while also being present as our project 7s. I will hope to take video documentation.

THEN SOME FAREWELL QUESTIONS, which are not limited to-

*What have you made art about in this class? (or) What do you want to make art about?
[Remember this was [one] of the very first questions I asked at the very start of the class.]

*What is the work you are most proud of that you made in the class? Why?

*What are separations and links between you and your fantasy self? How representative is it?

*Can you cite all 18 of your peers' names on the spot from memory? ... ...


Perhaps we can fly off into the virtual ocean, or something similar. 
After that, have an AWESOME BREAK.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Extra Credit : The Fantasy Facebook Self

Extra Credit!
STEP 1 : Create a fantasy version of your Project 7.
i.e. An extended version of your real avatar self.
STEP 2 : Create a Facebook account for it.
And friend me (my real, Benjamin Poynter) self
with it as the turn in.

From before. Examples A and B. Your typical Second Life 
denizen. Only without the white hair and lack of clothing.
To accomplish this extra credit, create a new avatar/self-portrait that explores the variety of possibilities available in second life to fabricate a completely imagined, new self. A fantasy self if you will. Remember to save your real self as an OUTFIT FIRST, before editing. Do not save over your Project 7 with your new, fantasy outfit. Ask questions if needed.

Be creative – consider issues of gender, skin color, explore obtaining new clothing items, etc. 

Examples A2 and B2. (See above, again.)
 Pay more attention to one on right, as a form of the
the fantasy self striven for in relationship to the original.

The sky is the limit with this imagined self as avatar.  Are you a superhero?  Want to be a movie star?  7 feet tall? 


Due by time of final meeting (May 13th).

Friend me on Facebook with a newly created Facebook page of your fantasy avatar self's profile.

Prerequisites of obtaining credit- I don't think I have to tell you how to create a Facebook account.

1.] Minimum of 10 images of your
avatar interacting with SL posted
somehow on your profile. Of course,
use best ones for profile - timeline pic. (FB)

2.] A decently thought out bio section.
Age. Race. Gender. Relationship.
History. Likes. Dislikes. THINK.

3.] A minimum of 5 friends acquired.
If you have an existing FB account,
that will count. Perhaps convince
classmates to band together?...

Friend me with these prerequisites,
and I will award you a bonus letter
grade to your lowest existing
assignment grade in Digital Media I.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Blender : FAQ and Troubleshooting Post

This is a post where all primary issues with Blender will be addressed here.

It will be an ongoing post. I will attempt to physically address each one as they come up or in timely fashion.


1.) ((How to rotate view of world/objects.))

 (Two images for reference!)

 2.5 (-) . Drag down the top line between main 'Blender' title bar and 'File' bar. It should expose a large menu. In the middle of it, click "Emulate 3 Button Mouse" to where it is on.
 2.5 (+) . File -> User Preferences. INPUT option on bar. On left, scroll and click "Emulate 3 Button Mouse" to where it is on.

2.) ((Create object in space to edit other than a cube?))

Top Left bar; Add -> Mesh -> choose (Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, and Many More)

3.) ((How may I combine objects in space?))

Select both and hit (Ctrl + J). Should be prompted to combine. Hit okay.

4.) ((Apply color/texture to object?))

2.5 (-) (Should be applicable to 2.5+ as well.) . Follow these steps.

5.) ((A useful brush-coloring tool (Color multiple polygons of object?))

2.5 (-) (Should be applicable to 2.5+ as well.) . Follow these steps.

To be continued.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blender 3D Primer

(This is a handout as well. But online for convenience purposes.)

Blender 3D : A Direct Primer, Benjamin Poynter

1.) Navigation.
-Middle Mouse Wheel to Zoom In/Out.
-Shift + Middle Mouse Press to Strafe.
-Alt + Left Mouse Press to rotate around.
-(If number pad available, 8-4-2-6 to adjust view intricately.)
-CONTROL + Z to undo.
-Left Mouse Press to position center of world rotation.

2.) Modes.
-[Find a toolbar widget with a drop down "Object Mode" menu.]
-OBJECT mode. Where you can just move around solid meshes. For example, a cube.
-EDIT mode. Where you can actually extrude/morph/edit meshes. We can 'change' a cube.
-To note, in either mode, next to "Object Mode" menu, you can toggle wireframe/solid views.
-TAB switches from OBJECT to EDIT easily as well.

3.) Selecting.
-[a] to select/deselect all objects.
-In OBJECT mode, Right Mouse Press object to select it.
-To select multiple objects, or deselect one, hit Shift + Right Mouse Press.
-In OBJECT mode, you can shift-select multiple objects. In EDIT mode, its a different story.
-To delete, have selected and press [x]. In EDIT mode, you can delete specific details.
-To duplicate selected object, Shift + [d]. Move newly duplicated object.
-Lasso selection, if desired : Hold down CONTROL and Left Mouse Press. Drag around.

4.) The Gizmo & Moving Objects.
-The gizmo is the red-blue-green icon you use to morph object. Appears when object is selected.
-XYZ coordinates. Think of X and Y as flat. (X, west/east ; Y, north/south). Z is sky/ground.
-[Near the "Object Mode" drop down on its respective toolbar is a SMALL red-blue-green icon.]
-Arrow Icon : Move selected object directly along the rails of XYZ coordinates. Click & drag.
-Curve Icon : Rotate selected object in its center. Click & drag the now different gizmo.
-FAQ! To re-center rotate/pivot on object, reposition object in edit mode! Pivot remains still.
-Line+Square Icon : Rescale select object along XYZ coordinates.

5.) Editing the Mesh. <Needs to be done in EDIT MODE.>
-Vertex = point two edges cross. Edge = point two faces cross. Face = Open space/polygon.
-On same bar as Modes and XYZ commands, find Vertex-Edge-Face icon selections.
-You can (right click) select them. Click and move, rotate, and scale them. Experiment!
-Multiple selection rules with Shift + Right Mouse Press apply here as well. [a] to deselect.
-Important : Subdivide = CONTROL + [r]. Cut a Face in place to create more vertexes/edges.
-While you have a neon "subdivide line" previewing your cut, scroll Middle Mouse Wheel to
  create more edges in your cut. Left Mouse Press to cut. You can move cut. [a] to end sequence.
-Extrude tool is the [e] key. Extends/duplicates selected vertex/edge/face.

6.) Rendering an Image Output.
-First, you want to light your photo well. By File.. Add -> Lamp -> Choose Type. Experiment!
-Note CAMERA placement. View -> Camera to see what camera sees. View -> Align -> Align Camera View to Ours. To make 'our' view cam's. Adjust camera externally with gizmo if need.
-Pro tip for scene views : View on toolbar -> Selections (Top, Left, 'Camera', Etc.).
-Get an image photo-file! At top by file : Render -> Render Image. Or F12.
-You'll get preview. Default size : 960x540. F3 to save file of image. Or Image -> Save As.

These are the complete barebones of Blender 3D. All you'll need to get started!