Monday, April 29, 2013

Extra Credit : The Fantasy Facebook Self

Extra Credit!
STEP 1 : Create a fantasy version of your Project 7.
i.e. An extended version of your real avatar self.
STEP 2 : Create a Facebook account for it.
And friend me (my real, Benjamin Poynter) self
with it as the turn in.

From before. Examples A and B. Your typical Second Life 
denizen. Only without the white hair and lack of clothing.
To accomplish this extra credit, create a new avatar/self-portrait that explores the variety of possibilities available in second life to fabricate a completely imagined, new self. A fantasy self if you will. Remember to save your real self as an OUTFIT FIRST, before editing. Do not save over your Project 7 with your new, fantasy outfit. Ask questions if needed.

Be creative – consider issues of gender, skin color, explore obtaining new clothing items, etc. 

Examples A2 and B2. (See above, again.)
 Pay more attention to one on right, as a form of the
the fantasy self striven for in relationship to the original.

The sky is the limit with this imagined self as avatar.  Are you a superhero?  Want to be a movie star?  7 feet tall? 


Due by time of final meeting (May 13th).

Friend me on Facebook with a newly created Facebook page of your fantasy avatar self's profile.

Prerequisites of obtaining credit- I don't think I have to tell you how to create a Facebook account.

1.] Minimum of 10 images of your
avatar interacting with SL posted
somehow on your profile. Of course,
use best ones for profile - timeline pic. (FB)

2.] A decently thought out bio section.
Age. Race. Gender. Relationship.
History. Likes. Dislikes. THINK.

3.] A minimum of 5 friends acquired.
If you have an existing FB account,
that will count. Perhaps convince
classmates to band together?...

Friend me with these prerequisites,
and I will award you a bonus letter
grade to your lowest existing
assignment grade in Digital Media I.

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