Monday, April 8, 2013

End Game in Sight


I thought it would be beneficial to outline, in clear fashion (as we've nicely tarnished the syllabus schedule by now), what will occur in the final weeks leading up to Digital Media 1's finale.

Week 12 (Done)

4.22 - Week 13

+SIX presentations.

+An in-depth look into projects 6 and 7. The 3D world (modeling, avatars) can be complex. You will be assisted. The primary plan : Attack interfaces "Blender" and "Second Life".

+Screen a section (time pending) of the PBS special film Digital Nation.

+Use rest of time to work! Classes may start ending earlier towards the conclusion of semester.

4.29 - Week 14

+Discuss the final reading (The New Aesthetic).

+Take trip to the Dynamic Media Lab to each use a computer (some may have to remain in Digital Media Lab) in getting feet wet with Second Life. Again, using more time to work.

5.6 - Week 15


+Use rest of time to work!

5.13 [SPECIAL TIME, 10:15 AM] - Final Meeting

+Meet in Second Life's virtual world.


+Observe extra credit works.

And then... Game over.

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